The most artistic face of Prague

Hello everyone!

Today Im going to write about an amazing city where I’ve been two weeks ago: Prague. The streets of this city part of the  Czech Republic are full of beautiful monuments and historic memory but there is also another face of this city that really surprised me which is the creative and artistic atmosphere that surrounds it. You could perceive this artistic facet in the Wall of John Lennon, but if you want to avoid the touristic aglomerations, just take a walk around the city and you will discover musemus,galleries or just little pieces of art decorating the walls of Prague. But also at night you can find really artistic and original locals where you can take a drink listening  the  beats of the latest musical trends; Cross Club, where I’ve been in my first night is a good example. This club is ornamentated with recycled scrap and its rooms are full of lights effects creating an underground atmosphere that combines perfectly with the music and the people that you can find there. If you preffer something more commercial you should go to Karlovy Lazne, one of the biggest clubs in Central Europe, with 5 floors with different music, an ice bar and quite a good price ( 6€ aprox.)

The night life in Prague is amazing, for sure but if you go to visit it, be sure to not forget the day life which is also really nice. I encourage anyone to visit the Charles Bridge and the Castle, where you can have a panoramic view of the city. But in my opinion, the best way to visit a city is to walk around it and not focusing only in the touristic points, this way you can really enjoy the best of Prague and discover the heart of the city.

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I hope you enjoyed the post, and dont forget to visit again! 🙂



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