The most artistic face of Prague

Hello everyone!

Today Im going to write about an amazing city where I’ve been two weeks ago: Prague. The streets of this city part of the  Czech Republic are full of beautiful monuments and historic memory but there is also another face of this city that really surprised me which is the creative and artistic atmosphere that surrounds it. You could perceive this artistic facet in the Wall of John Lennon, but if you want to avoid the touristic aglomerations, just take a walk around the city and you will discover musemus,galleries or just little pieces of art decorating the walls of Prague. But also at night you can find really artistic and original locals where you can take a drink listening  the  beats of the latest musical trends; Cross Club, where I’ve been in my first night is a good example. This club is ornamentated with recycled scrap and its rooms are full of lights effects creating an underground atmosphere that combines perfectly with the music and the people that you can find there. If you preffer something more commercial you should go to Karlovy Lazne, one of the biggest clubs in Central Europe, with 5 floors with different music, an ice bar and quite a good price ( 6€ aprox.)

The night life in Prague is amazing, for sure but if you go to visit it, be sure to not forget the day life which is also really nice. I encourage anyone to visit the Charles Bridge and the Castle, where you can have a panoramic view of the city. But in my opinion, the best way to visit a city is to walk around it and not focusing only in the touristic points, this way you can really enjoy the best of Prague and discover the heart of the city.

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I hope you enjoyed the post, and dont forget to visit again! 🙂


One morning in the biggest flea market of Amsterdam

Hello everyone!

Today Im going to talk about one of the biggest flea markets of Europe, IJ-hallen in Amsterdam noord ( the north of Amsterdam). I`ve visted it the first weekend of this month with my Italian friend Clara and we are totally in love with this market!

This event takes places only once per month, usually the first weekend  and is held in two enormous warehouses . There are more or less 500 stands where you can find all kind of stuff from vintage clothing to mirrors or dolls  at an incredibly cheap price. Besides some months are specialised in certain kind of products.

When I first knew about this market, I though it would be simmilar to Waterlooplein market, which is the most famous flea market in Amsterdam. However, there is no comparison possible between both markets. The undergound atmosphere, the prices, or the people that you can find at the IJ-hallen makes of this market much more authentic than Waterlooplein market,that is usually visited by hordes of tourists and where the prices are really over the top.

The entrance fee is 4 €, but the market totally worths this price, not only for the charming atmosphere that surrounds it but also the general prices are really low, you can find vintage treasures for less than 5€!! I really encourage anyone to visit this market if you have the opportunity!

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How to get there?

We went to Central Station, where we took a free ferry direction N.D.S.M. There are ferries continuously doing this route, and you can even take your bike with you if you want to feel like a real Amsterdammer!When you arrive at the harbor it takes only a couple of minutes to arrive there, just follow the people!

Some tips??

Bring bags from home!!! Most of the times when you buy something they won’t give you a bag so if you go there, remember this tip because it will be really useful.

I hope you’ve enjoy the post and dont miss the opportunity to visit this amazing market!!



Join the fashion tribe!

Ethnic patterns from tribes all over the globe are invading our wardrobes with feathers, tessels and lots of colours.

However, in this post we will focus only on the bags. We’ve seen tribal patterns in lots of different types of purses: clutches, backpacks,shopping bags..etc

They give to your outfits a different and colorist touch and they are very easy to wear. Above you can see how one of our favourite bloggers, Gala González wears it:


There are many different possibilities from lots of  fashion brands and we’ve made a selection of our favourite low cost options , hope you like it! 🙂

Spring scarves..for your head!


We saw lots of them in the Spring-Summer collection of Dolce&Gabanna and it seems to be the perfect complement for your Spring looks. We are talking about the kerchiefs, an accesory with lots of possibilities of wearing it but here we suggest you one in particular.

This complement is not only useful, is also fetching and easy to wear ! We have some examples of  how to include it in your daily outfits:

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We all know the fabulous carré by Hermès but you can find more affordable options in ZARA or Pull and Bear that with a lower price will also fit your look perfectly! 🙂

Transparent like water

One of the trends of this season is a little indiscreet but for sure, stylish. We are talking about the transparent bags,with lots of different colours and shapes but always transparent.

We’ve seen them in the catwalks of the most important fashion weeks of the world. We’ve compile some examples of this transparent bags from big brands such as Hermés or Dolce Gabanna :

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But if this options are too expensive for you we’ve also check for low cost options, here you can find our results:

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¿Cartier or Cuntier?

What started as a reaction against fashion is becoming a trend actually.  The idea is creating a new brand based on another famous one, one of the most known examples was created by the blogger KTHNASBYE who placed the word “Cuntier” in his hoods arousing the anger of the directives of Cartier, who are thinking abput taking legal actions against the student of Parsons who is behind this blog.



The interesting fact is that this (anti)trend is becoming more and more famous. We can even see celebrities and people from the fashion world wearing theese ‘copies’ and also in the catwalks of fashion weeks we could see some examples:

Ready to change your look?

The pixi-garçon hair is the new boom among the Hollywood celebrities. Every day more and more actresses join this new trend which combines to kinds of hair cut; a risky option that can be a really big triumph.

We’ve compile some examples to show you how to wear it:

miley-cyrus-short-hair-photos agyness-deyn-20080223-381136 ANNE HATHAWAY in Glamour Magazine 85th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

natalie portmanEmma-Watson-2011-Vanity-Fair-02audrey_tautou

Oriental inspiration, like it or not?

These time, fashion brands went too far to pick some inspiration, specifically to the exotic Orient. It wont be difficult for you to find dragons and tigers in any fashion store all over the clothes.

We really like how KENZO express this inspiration through their collection:

But if you like this trend, we’ve found some economic alternatives for you :

Necklaces of the season

Spring colours, tribal details, bright fluor shines, gothic style… all of this in

our selection of the most trendy accesories of this season, hope you like it!


Best in shops this week

Today, we’ve made a research on what’s new in the shops this week and this is our selection:


What we specially liked from this dress of ZARA is its ethnic print, which is one of the most famous trends right now. Besides, its loose shape makes anyone look great wearing it. I’ve already bought it, what are you waiting for?


This jump suit from River Island follows the same trend, with tribal details in both parts.


For the most adventurous fashionists, we found these coloured and flowered leggings in Stradivarius.

Hope you like it! 🙂