Join the fashion tribe!

Ethnic patterns from tribes all over the globe are invading our wardrobes with feathers, tessels and lots of colours.

However, in this post we will focus only on the bags. We’ve seen tribal patterns in lots of different types of purses: clutches, backpacks,shopping bags..etc

They give to your outfits a different and colorist touch and they are very easy to wear. Above you can see how one of our favourite bloggers, Gala González wears it:


There are many different possibilities from lots of  fashion brands and we’ve made a selection of our favourite low cost options , hope you like it! 🙂

Oriental inspiration, like it or not?

These time, fashion brands went too far to pick some inspiration, specifically to the exotic Orient. It wont be difficult for you to find dragons and tigers in any fashion store all over the clothes.

We really like how KENZO express this inspiration through their collection:

But if you like this trend, we’ve found some economic alternatives for you :